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About Us

Welcome to our website! We started this venture in August 2020 for our youngest child.  For a few years now he has had a great interest in metal detecting and finding “treasures”. Wanting to have a way to earn his own money we helped him develop his dream.  Unbeknown to him we came up with the name Caleb’s Treasures a year before it started. Once things started to grow out of all expected proportions, he found it too much work so we took it back over again!

The aim with this store is bring you a wide variety of goodies. We are adding new things regularly.  Please come back regularly to check on what we have. If you are interested in hearing from us via email one to two times a month please don’t hesitate to sign up here. I promise I won’t bug you but I would love to let you know about any specials I might decide to put on and/or new products I have.

Take care and thanks for visiting.